The founder, Hayashizaki Jinsuke Shigenobu, is told to have confined himself for about a hundred days in the Hayashizaki Myojin Shrine in Tateoka, Yamagata Prefecture, where he received the divine inspiration for a new body of sword techniques called the Muso-ken. He is listed as the founder of many Iai styles and many differnet schools can trace their lineage back to him.

The Iai forms of Eishin-Ryu have traditionally been handed down in the Tosa region of Japan. There are two ways of passing down traditional teachings in Japan: kanzen-soden (indiscriminate transmission) and fukanzen-soden (discriminate transmission). As our school follows the former tradition all those who receive the final certificate (kongen no maki – Scroll of the Source) are legitimate successors.

One must bear in mind therefore that each generation in the genealogy given below comprises many different persons but their names are not given.

Founder Hayashizaki Jinsuke (Minamoto no) Shigenobu

2nd generation Tamiya Heibei Narimasa

3rd Nagano Muraku Nyudo Kinrosai

4th Momo Gundbei no Jo Mitsushige

5th Arikawa Shozaemon Munetsugu

6th Banno Denemon no Jo Nobusada

7th Hasegawa Chikaranosuke Hidenobu (Eishin)

8th Arai Seitetsu Kiyonobu

9th Hayashi Rokudayu Morimasa

10th Hayashi Yasudayu Masanobu

11th Oguro Motoemon Kiyokatsu

12th Hayashi Masu no Jo Masanari

13th Yorita (Yoda) Manzo Norikatsu

14th Hayashi Yadayu Masataka

15th Tanimura Kame no Jo Yoritake

16th Goto Magobei Masakatsu

17th Oe Masamichi

18th Hokiyama Namio

19th Fukui Haramasa

20th Shibata Hyakuren

21st Fukui Terao

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