The Roshukai offers instruction to any sincere student.

Eikoku Roshukai

Eikoku Roshukai is the English branch of the Japanese Roshu Kai and is neither an organization nor association. It is based on a traditional school that has its roots in Japan that go back over 500 years.

Eikoku Roshukai is commited to providing a high standard of teaching with high calibre instructors for UK students. Seminars are oraginsed each year by member Dojos which Eikoku Roshukai members can attend. Membership also provides personal Martial Arts insurance, a licence and a quarterly magazine called 'Obi'.

The Eikoku Roshukai senior instructors are Neil Kemp, Brian Morrison, Mark Sykes and Steve Watering.

The philosophy of this group is that it is run by its members for its members with no-one profiting personally from membership fees or any funds raised through seminars. Remuneration is not received for any of the activities undertaken on behalf of the group.

You can find out more about Eikoku Roshukai here. Eikoku Roshukai Senior Instructors

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