Seiro Kan Dojo

It is quite unusual to find a traditional Dojo that teaches an authentic Japanese sword style so how this Dojo came to be is explained here. Dojo

It began when Brian Morrison Sensei joined a group in the UK that wanted to study Koryu (traditional style) Iai. Although they had been studying the Setei Iai of the Zen Nippon Kendo Remei under the British Kendo Association they wanted to study the older techniques that Setei Iai had been based upon. This group had the incredible good fortune to be adopted by Iwata Norikazu Sensei and became Eikoku Roshukai – the UK branch of the Zen Koku Roshukai.

Brian Morrision Sensei, along with other members of Eikoku Roshukai, travelled to Japan to receive instruction from Iwata Sensei and this relationship has endured for the last 10 years. Iwata Sensei has also travelled to the UK to teach at Eikoku Roshukai seminars, a testament to his commitment to pass on traditional Iai teachings. Students practice suburi

The Seiro Kan name was given to Brian Sensei by Iwata Sensei to use as his Dojo name. 'Seiro' was one of the swordsman names that Oe Masamichi used and Kan can be translated as club. There are Seiro Kan Dojos in different parts of the UK that have been established by Brian Sensei or by his students and you can find some of these listed under Clubs on this website.

Brian Sensei has now settled in Nottingham and has taught Iaido here for the last 10 years. Over time the actual location of the Dojo has changed and training nights have altered too. For now the main night is on a Wednesday at the Trent Candleby Lane School in Cotgrave. You can find out more about training times on this website.

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